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The Ban is Lifted

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Albeit tentatively…we will just have to see how it goes but for now The Bone will be critiquing the Twinklers. I would have much rather seen Adam Corrosive get voted off but I can live with Penn leaving. I just think Penn is a much nicer guy and Adam Corrosive is an obnoxious, loud mouth who needs to have his microphone turned waaaaaaay down. Can you tell I don’t like that guy?

I felt bad for Monica but, let’s face it, she really had to be the one to go. She was an amazing tennis player but a dancer? Not so much. Still, I did feel for her.

Next week should be very interesting for the women. The guys still have a couple of standout left footed clumpers so stay tuned.

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Tonight Decides It!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Is the ban lifted or does it stay in tact? It remains to to seen. If the voting goes as it most obviously should, then the ban will be lifted and The Bone will once again be watching and commenting on the Twinklers. If not, oh well…too bad, so sad.

Let the judging begin!

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All Fingers of Blame Point to Deb in Pensacola

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Oh yes they do too! You, Miss Thing, kept after me to give up my boycott and watch the Twinklers. So, tonight I relented and what happened? A big bunch of CRAP happened. That’s what happened. No Cheetah Girl and apparently no Spice Girl either. Looks like a male dominance ploy to me! What a farce!

Harumph! Now I’m mad all over again…no, I think I’m even madder than I was before. I’m going to bed now to dream evil dreams. Shame on you Deb. Cousin or no cousin…shame, shame, shame.

Now I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime so I’m pretty sure that means that I’m fixing to turn into a gourd of some sort so I’ve really gotta go now. How wonderful…crappy finale and unknown gourds…yeehaw!


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Fizzled Twinklers

Monday, November 5th, 2007

So, what’s on the tube tonight? I’m buggin’ out on the twinklers. Yep, still stewin’ over last week’s travesty. Come on ABC…admit you screwed up somewhere, call a “do over”, put Sabrina back where she belongs, and let’s get back to “Jigglin’ with the Twinklers”. Otherwise? I’m checking out TVLand.

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

I’ve been conspicuously absent lately because I’ve been spending time with a terrible, awful, very bad cold that has not been very nice to me. I’ve been spending lots of time cuddled up under blankets on my chocolate bar (aka the couch…looks like a really big, really fluffy chocolate bar). Unfortunately, I haven’t felt much like blogging or bone collecting or anything else really. My apologies.

I do want to let you all know that my Pops is having surgery tomorrow morning for an impingement in his shoulder. We have to be at the hospital in Norfolk at 6am, as in IN THE MORNING, as in BEFORE THE SUN COMES UP. Good Lord. Oh well. I’ll be there. No way am I going to let them cut on my Pops without me kissing his little bald head first. Nope, not gonna happen. He is scheduled to spend the night and then should go home the next day. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Now, on to Jigglin’ with the Twinklers…

My pick to go home tonight is Jane unfortunately. I am actually at a point in the show when I don’t want anyone to go home but go home they must. She was simply way over her head last night and could not keep up with the tempo of her song. It was sad because I have so enjoyed her but I think her time has come.

I think Marie will not be far behind her mainly because I think everyone is scared to death that she is going to take another header and no one wants to see that happen again. Once was more than enough to scare the collective CRAP out of all of us. I have to admit I was watching her extra closely as well. I just want her to be okay.

Sabrina is still my pick to take the whole thing but I had to agree with Len and Bruno last night that her Foxtrot was a bit strong and choppy. It wasn’t the gentle fluid Foxtrot I enjoy but it was still awesome to watch.

My encore? Mel and Maks. Obviously. Who wouldn’t pick them. How awesome. They totally deserved that perfect score. Mel will give Sabrina a run for her money but I don’t think she will be able to catch her. For your enjoyment, Mel & Maks…

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Jigglin’ With The Twinklers

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Last night as I sat and watched one of my favorite shows, who knew I would need a zap from a defribrillator to restart my heart? Oh my goodness! When Marie collapsed and I realized this was live TV, I was petrified! Of course, then I got really, really angry when they kept showing what seemed like an eternal, infernal, plethora of commercials rathering than showing me, the voyeur, what was happening to Marie. Oh the gaul!

Still, I’m glad she’s alright but she scared me pretty good. Whew.

Now…on to the critique.

The top two for me were Jane & Tony and Sabrina & Mark. Can you believe Jane’s body? Good Lord! The woman is 56 years old! Can you imagine? Her dancing is simply gorgeous.

The bottom two, in my most humble opinion, were Mark & Kym and Jennie & Derek. Mark is just totally and completely out of his league and it’s time to go home now. Jennie was just too stiff and self-conscious. She may be next to go.

My pick for the encore? Sabrina & Mark. I almost needed a cold shower after their ruoutine. Can you say, “Hot”? She is still my pick to go all the way. The kid is awesome.

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All Hail Bruno!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

The fans have spoken and Floyd Foulweather is gone from Jigglin’ with the Twinklers. That is a very, very good thing. He is a top notch boxer but a dancer? Not so much.

Still, Len tried to talk him up! Incredible! I was beside myself with disbelief. Then, shock of all shocks, Bruno had the sheer nerve to take the bull by the horns (every pun intended) and speak the painfully obvious truth…Mel is by far the better dancer and deserves to stay…What? Gasp? Oh yeah! He said it…and guess what? Nobody got killed over it. At least not on live TV. Way to go Bruno.

And Floyd? Uh, buh bye.

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Jigglin’ with the Twinklers

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

What to say? What to say? Well…

The Paso Doble is by far my favorite dance of the Dancing with the Stars repertoire…by far. LOVE. IT. I have oohed and awwed and gushed and swooned over many Pasos in the past and “most” of the performances of last night are worthy of some of the same kudo-like mushiness…most, but not all.

Sabrina blew me away. What a fabulous performance and most deserving of every one of the 10’s she amassed. I have to say hers was probably my favorite of all the Pasos performed by the female celebrities as of yet. She is my pick to go all the way.

Cameron’s Superman Paso was amazing! Wow, did he finally find his niche or what? I was mesmerized from the get go with that one. Great job and one that I think definitely earned him another week on the dance floor.

Another surprise was Jennie Garth’s Paso. I had to catch my breath and do a double take. I thought maybe she had a stunt double look-alike out there. Who was that girl? She really came out of her shell and gave an outstanding performance. Fabulous.

Now then. Let’s talk about Floyd. What the double toothpicks was that? Oh, and why were the judges gushing over him? Are they afraid to tell him he’s awful? What’s the deal? Len commended him on his footwork. What footwork??? He didn’t dance. He didn’t dance at all. He had a bullfight. Well sort of anyway. He pretended that Karina was a bull and then he commenced to kill her with all the grace of…well, with not much grace at all really…and not much dancing either. Dude, watch the tapes. Watch the other three Pasos and then watch your Paso. Yeah…now stop with the whining every week about your low scores and go vote yourself off the show. You are out of your league.

Now for the judges. It never ceases to amaze me that you are so willing to be mean and cruel to someone like Mark Cuban, who really hasn’t done so badly at all, and takes his punches from you each and every week like a gentleman, but you seem unwilling or afraid to speak the obvious to someone like Floyd Mayweather, who will throw temper tantrums and walk off the set when he doesn’t get the scores he thinks he deserves.

Are you afraid of Floyd and think Mark can’t hurt you? Do you think you might run into Floyd in a dark parking garage somewhere and he may make mincemeat out of your face but, since Mark is just coming off of hip replacement surgery, you think you can take him so the gloves are off? How about some fairness and balance here judges? That’s not asking too much is it?

My pick to leave tonight is Floyd but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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Wiggling with the Twinklers

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Dancing With The Stars last night was great! In my book, the front-runner is still Laila Ali. She was amazing! I’d like to see her take the whole thing.

Apolo seemed a little off to me last night. Don’t get me wrong, he was still good but he seemed to have gotten lost a time or two. I do enjoy watching him though. He is extremely entertaining and comes off as a really pleasant kind of guy.

What was the deal with that jumbo alien vein sticking out of the middle of Ian’s forehead? Good Lord, he looked like an extra on Star Trek, The Next Generation. I know the dude really tries but his posture is awful and I think he truly has no idea. He thinks he is turning in stellar performances…yeah, not so much.

I actually enjoyed John’s first dance very much. It seemed to fit him perfectly and he did a really nice job. The second dance fell way, WAY short for me. At least the judges weren’t so harsh with him this week. {By the way, did any of you think Len and Bruno were going to come to blows before it was over last night? Wow.}

Joey is really good but Joey really gets on my nerves too. That’s just a personal take, I know, but I wonder if that very type of thought might be what gives Laila the edge over him when push comes to shove. Sophistication and class versus the class clown.

Billy Ray Swamp Bear…poor little fella…it is time for him to go about his merry way. With the competition that is left, he is just so far below their capabilities that it is almost sad. No, it is sad, very sad.

So I think Billy Ray should get voted off tonight but I fear that his fan base will save him and John will find the door. Could go either way. Obviously, neither of these fellas is going to be around much longer so it’s really just a question of which one gets voted off first.

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