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Not Fun

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Picture it…Deep Creek…1 a.m. I am in as deep a sleep as is possible when one’s father is in the hospital. Puppies are curled up beside me, one between my shoulders and one in the small of my back. Mollie prefers her own bed don’t you know.

Suddenly, the quiet sounds of the night are pierced…PIERCED…by the ring of the telephone.

I immediately spring into action flipping from my prone position across the bed, over the puppies, and reach the phone before the end of the first ring. Good Lord in Heaven what has happened to my Pops?

A recording greets me with a collect call from an inmate at the Norfolk City Jail. AN. INMATE. As soon as I was able to swallow my heart back down out of my throat, I pretty much slammed the phone back into its cradle and thought about the several choice words I wanted to say to the Norfolk City Jail inmate who randomly picked my number to call at 1 a.m. on a night that my Pops happens to be in the hospital.

As I slowly tried to recover from the stroke I was sure I was having, I noticed the pups looking at me with awe in their eyes. Apparently, my gymnastic performance had truly been amazing and the judges had given me 10’s across the board! How cool is that? I’m sure it is a given that I will be contacted any day now by the USA Women’s Olympic Gymnastic Team. I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes.

As for Pops…we are still waiting for the results of his ultrasound. If all is clear, he should be released today with instructions to contact his surgeon to set up a date to repair the femoral hernia. Needless to say, he is ready to go home but we want to be sure he is okay to go home first. Your prayers and well wishes are much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

When I left the hospital Pops was tired but resting comfortably. He is doing much better. Here’s what we think happened…

He has been having pain that we thought was probably due to a pulled groin muscle. The pain kept getting worse and was confirmed Monday as a Femoral Hernia. He had an appointment for Tuesday (yesterday) with a surgeon to set up a date for surgery to repair the hernia.

He woke up at about 5 a.m. Tuesday (yesterday) morning in quite a bit of pain which he at first attributed to the hernia. Unable to get comfortable, he got out of bed and went to sit in his recliner. He drifted off to sleep but woke up to pain in his back. The pain worsened and unable to get comfortable he decided to head to the bathroom. Once there, he got very lightheaded and became afraid that he was going to pass out. He called for Mama to help him to the bed.

After a while he felt a bit better but he never did get to feeling good. For those of you who don’t know my Pops personally, he is not one to EVER admit that he doesn’t feel well or to ask for assistance or to say he needs to go to the doctor or the hospital. He got lightheaded several more times and the pain continued but Mr. Stubborn still refused to go on to the doctor opting instead to wait for his appointment with the surgeon already scheduled for later that afternoon.

Needless to say, the appointment didn’t happen. I happened to call the house when I was home for lunch and Mama answered as Pops was in the throes of projectile vomiting and STILL trying to argue that he didn’t need to go to the doctor. I had already learned that one of the signs to watch for with the femoral hernia was vomiting which could indicate that the hernia had strangulated and could pose a life threatening emergency. I called 911 from my house and sent the ambulance to their house.

We all converged on the ER from points all around Hampton Roads and, after what seemed like an eternity in the ER, Pops was admitted with what they suspect to be Pancreatitis. He still has the Femoral Hernia and they are watching it closely but it is now the secondary concern and the Pancreas is the primary concern.

Apparently, he passed a gallstone and, in the process, the gallstone entered his pancreas and got stuck before it finally was able to pass its way out of his body. This, of course, inflamed the Pancreas and caused all kinds of problems. The fact that he is diabetic didn’t help matters any either.

He was taken for an ultrasound of his abdomen this afternoon and we should get the results of that when the doctor comes in tomorrow morning. We will know more about what is going on then. We know they are looking for how inflamed the Pancreas is, whether or not the bile duct is damaged from the gallstone getting stuck, if any more gallstones are in the gall bladder now, and whether or not all of the enzymes and chemicals the Pancreas released when it was so angry did any damage to any other organs, etc. I’ll let you all know as soon as I know anything.

He is in Chesapeake General Hospital for now. When things get right and he is released, they will set things up for the surgery to repair the Femoral Hernia but that surgery will take place at Sentara Leigh in Virginia Beach. As a matter of fact, Pops said, if he has to have any other surgery due to anything going on with this Pancreatitis as well, he wants the surgery to be done at Leigh too.

Please keep us all in your prayers. Thanks Silverblue for taking up the slack for me.

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Spelling Bee Funny

Friday, June 15th, 2007

How Cool is that?

Spelling BeeWatch more funny videos here

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It Was Time

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

I’ve had the same furniture for 14 years. It was time for a change. I did my shopping on line then went for the all too important butt test tonight. Here’s the results…

Liked it. Bought it. That color too. The pillows will have to go though…ewww.

Liked it. Bought it. But not this color and not with the ottoman. Got it in a green taupe. Way cool. I was going to put it all on layaway but Barbara Jean was with me so you know that didn’t happen. I will pick them up on Saturday, the 26th. Who needs delivery when you have a truck?

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This is Awesome

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

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No Chicken Wire

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Good Lord in heaven, what is happening to people? There is “politically correct” and then there’s “politically say what?”. As I alluded to in the crusty nose post, here is the story of the poultry fencing.

Yes children, gather around, I have quite a tale to spin. It seems that someone somewhere took great umbrage at the term “chicken wire” and apparently launched a massive nationwide campaign to rename the meshed wonder. It is now referred to as “poultry netting”. This actually took me by surprise when I searched the web for prices on chicken wire only to find that it is no longer referred to in such an apparently offensive manner. For instance, while searching the big orange home improvement store (use your heads here kiddies…you know the name) for said chicken wire on line, I couldn’t find it. Then I searched “fencing” and guess what came up? Yep. It was “poultry fencing” on line and actually “poultry netting” in the store.

Here, look for yourself…

I guess either some chickens were greatly offended that anyone would think mere wire could hold them in or some other type of poultry (turkeys maybe) got upset about being referred to as chickens…which they clearly are not. Or maybe it was Cornish Hens that started the campaign…but, no, I guess they probably would have opted for Cornish Latticed Mesh or some such thing. Whatever or whomever, the fact remains that “chicken wire” is no longer vogue. “Poultry Netting”, people. Remember that.

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What Have I Done?

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I have given up fast food for Lent. Please pray for me.

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What We Cops Really Do at Work

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Thanks to Lynnie Lou for this one!

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Crime Prevention Tip

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

All I can say is WOW!

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Word to the Wise

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

You know how when you’re using a water hose and you want to stop water from coming out of the hose so you bend the hose and hold it tight to stop the flow of water? That’s an easy way to stop the water when you don’t have a nozzle on the end of the hose and a really good idea.

Okay, when the hose is frozen…not so much. It actually becomes an easy way to magically turn one hose into two hoses. Yep. Wonder how I know that? Yep. Know anyone who needs a really, really, short hose?

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