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Cemetery Hoppin’

Friday, December 29th, 2006

As the year 2006 fades into oblivion, I though I would share some of my cemetery hoppin’ tips with you all. Afterall, this is the blog of a “bonecollector”…muhahahahahahaha.

As for some Cemetery Hoppin’ advice:

1. Wear long pants and comfortable shoes.

2. Bring along some weed and/or brush clearing tools…just in case the cemetery has been left neglected and the stones are obscured or hard to get to.

3. Bring shaving cream (yes, you read that right), a spray bottle of water, paper towels, and a squeegee. Some stones have eroded over time and are very difficult to read. Simply spray shaving cream over the info on the stone and then squeegee it off. The shaving cream will settle into the inscription and make it legible. I know it sounds nuts but it works and it will not damage the stone. Once you’ve gotten your info, simply spray the stone with water and wipe it off with the paper towels.

4. Take photos of EVERY stone in the cemetery. You never know what you may uncover. I highly recommend digital pictures as they can be downloaded straight to your computer. Hint: If you intend to hop more than one cemetery in a single outing, write the cemetery name and location on a piece of paper and take a photo of that piece of paper at the beginning of each cemetery. This will help to differentiate between cemeteries once you get home and forget which stones were in which cemetery…oh, and you will forget…trust me!

5. Last, but not least, be prepared to have fun and solve a mystery or two!

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Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

I was sitting in the bank drive-thru this afternoon when what to my wandering eye should appear? I kid you not…two teenage girls walking with two teenage boys. Not surprising you say? Well, how about if I mention that the two teenage girls were wearing tank tops…yes, TANK TOPS…and it was 52 degrees outside. At least the two teenage boys were bright enough to be wearing coats but one has to wonder about their choice of companions now doesn’t one?

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Deal or No Deal

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

I’m really getting into this show. :D Click the photo and try your hand…

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Happy Merry Everyone!

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend good time with family and/or friends. All of us Holmes folks were at Mom & Pops for the day and a good time was had by all. I think everyone got the biggest kick out of watching Mom try to figure out what the eleventy million cookie cutter shapes she got were. She made the mistake of telling more than one person that she would like some cookie cutters and, boy oh boy, did she get some cookie cutters! She was like a little kid in a toy store. It was cool.

The calendar says today is Boxing day. Hmmm. Does that mean boxing your gifts back up or beating the crap out of someone? No idea but I think the second one might be fun. ;) Just kidding Aunt Joyce!

Sorry my posts have been lacking lately but with the holiday and all the requests for assistance after the famous newspaper article came out, I’ve been pretty bogged down. Not to worry, though. I have decided that I need to better manage my time and understand that everything doesn’t have to be done in one day. Some things just take time and that’s all there is to it. Accepting just that little bit can sure take a lot of the pressure off.

Have a great evening.

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Fun Game from Bob

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Careful, it’s VERY addictive.

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Famous? Well, Maybe…

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Here’s the “lights, camera, action” I referred to a couple of posts ago. Well, maybe it’s more the “Stop the presses” kind of action.

If you click on the really cool picture of my bonecollecting self below, you will be taken to this morning’s front page news story of an amazing endeavor I was blessed to be a part of…

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Lynnie Gem

Monday, December 18th, 2006

I just found this little gem from Lynnie Lou in my e-mail. Had to share. Couldn’t help it. Made me smile BIG. Click the link below. By the way, you will need to have PowerPoint to watch it.

Life is…

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Oops, I Gots an Owwie

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Cervical Spinal Stenosis, that’s my owwie…and I just thought my shoulder hurt. :( I got the results this morning of the MRI I had last week. WHAT. A. NIGHTMARE. THAT. WAS.

Even though this particular machine was an open ended tube, I lasted exactly 2 seconds before I came out of that tube like toothpaste in a microwave. Lord have mercy. To put it simply…I FREAKED. Yup, and I’m not even embarrassed. Not one little bit. The “Tube Lady” was really nice about my hissy fit and made a few adjustments (like hooking a mirror to the apparatus my head was strapped into so I could see out). Helped tremendously. Everything was upside down but I could see out so back in I went and this time I stayed the whole 20 minutes. I strutted out of there proud as a peacock…but…alas…I do have an owwie.

The doc gave me the results in her office this morning. Apparently, I actually have four discs that are bulging but three of them are inconsequential. One, however, is a bit of a problem. It has actually displaced 7mm which means…owwie…it is causing my spinal cord to get pinched and therefore causing the terrible pain along my upper shoulder. I have a bone scan scheduled for Wednesday and then we will probably begin physical therapy in an attempt to coax that little booger disc back over to where it should be.

In the meantime, I got another outrageously painful shot in the rock hard muscle along my upper shoulder. This was the third such shot and by far the most painful. If I didn’t know the shot would ultimately help me, I would have punched the doc right in the nose…once I recovered the ability to punch that is…I was trying awfully hard not to cry at the time.

My day got even more interesting as time went on but I will tell you more about that later. Just think “panic”, “puppy escapee”, “lights”, “camera”, “action”. Intrigued yet? Check back for more…muhahahahahahaha.

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Things I Probably Could Do Without But Really Don’t Want To…

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

It’s easy to rattle off lists of things we can do without (my own lives on the sidebar over there ->) but sometimes it pays to think about the things that really do matter to you. Here’s my list…albeit in no particular order…

~ Talking to Mom & Pops everyday

~ Puppy kisses

~ Laughing

~ Real, honest to goodness friends

~ Genealogy

~ Weekly chats with Aunt Joyce

~ Aunt Lillian & Uncle Ivan

~ Hugs

~ Making strangers smile

~ Church

~ Kindness

~ My soapies

~ Cemetery hoppin’

~ Memories

~ Naps

~ Being loved

More to come…

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Raymond Parrish

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

I have been helping this wonderful gentleman, Tommy Anderson, put together the genealogical history of his friend Raymond Parrish. We have worked long and hard to fill in the holes in Raymond’s history and were quite successful. The genealogy was to be Raymond’s 75th birthday present. I received this e-mail from Tommy this morning:

Hi Deb,

I write you with a heavy heart, my friend, Raymond, had a stroke Friday evening and was rushed to the hospital. He is in the intensive care unit, in a semi-coma, paralyzed on his left side, and he has contracted a hospital infection. As you remember Sally and I had planned to take him out on his 75th birthday, December 11, 2006 and give him the surprise family genealogy that you and I have been working on for so many weeks. I did not get a chance to do that and I fear that it may be a long time before he is interested in genealogy, if ever.

Write soon,


I am asking for prayers from all of you for Raymond and for Tommy as well as he prays for his friend. Raymond is the son of Raymond D. Parrish who was the son of Dorsey M. and Zulema Carroll Parrish of Johnston County, NC.

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