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A Favorite…Enjoy

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

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Hey, Noaaauuuhhhh!!!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Howzabout a little help here, huh? We’re drownin’ doncha know?

Well, Mama got taken to the ER at Sentara Leigh in Norfolk yesterday afternoon because the pain in her back got much, MUCH worse. What’s that you say? What pain? Oh, I didn’t tell you? Pardon my mistake please. Mama has a bulging disk in her L5 lower lumbar area and it is now pinching a nerve in that area. Oh yes, yippee yahoo, much and many pains. She had been confined to either her recliner or bed for 10 days and put on a regimen of pain pills and steroids but, alas, it got to be too terrible to bear yesterday and off they went to the ER.

In the meantime…back at Chesapeake General Apathy Hospital…

Aunt Lillian had been officially discharged and we were preparing her to go home when she suddenly began puking. That was something new and different. Hmmm. Add to that the fact that every time she attempted to stand, she would involuntarily empty her bladder all over everywhere. Again, something new and different. Needless to say, the nausea did not subside as we had all hoped but instead worsened, the vomiting not only continued but also worsened and she was officially readmitted to the hospital without ever actually leaving her room in the first place. Joy.

Back at Leigh…

Mama and Pops waited in the ER for over 4 hours before finally getting back to be seen. Of course at that point I was unable to reach them by cell phone any longer. My sister was at nursing school and unable to go to check on them. My brother’s little girl was in a play at school so he also was unable to go. The Kid was at work at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital so she was also out of commission. That left just me. Well now. Pops, as we all know is diabetic. He also has this annoying habit of forgetting to eat. When a diabetic does not eat when and how they should, well, it isn’t pretty.

Back at Chesapeake General…

Aunt Lillian seemed to be calming down. They had finally gotten her IV re-inserted and some pain medicine back on board. She was still very nauseous but she was able to drift off to sleep in between the bouts of nausea. I had spoken to the doctor myself on the phone and we had a new course of action set up to try to figure out what was going on now. Her daughter, Judy, had made it back to the hospital and we were beginning to think she might be okay now…maybe. Between the two of us, we decided it would be alright for me to go ahead over to Norfolk and check on my Mama and make sure Pops had eaten. So I kissed Aunt Lillian’s still feverish little head and off I went.

Musical hospitals continue…

Traffic on the way to Leigh was a nightmare but I was under strict orders from my brother to be very careful because the family didn’t need something happening to me too. I agreed. I took my time. Dad was still unreachable on his cell. Did I tell you traffic was bad…Good Lord…it really, really was. I finally made it to Leigh, finally found a park, finally made it inside, finally found who I needed to see to get inside the ominous double doors that keep them in and us out and headed to cubicle 15, where they said my Mama was…it was empty. I stepped out of the cubicle and looked up at the number again. Yep, cubicle 15. A lady laying on a gurney in the hall outside of cubicle 15 asked me if I was looking for the lady and the man that had been in there. I told her I was. She said they were gone. Um, what? Yeah, she said they left a while ago. I must have looked completely perplexed because gurney girl continued to try to help me. She asked me if the man was wearing a red shirt. I, of course, had no idea. I asked gurney girl if the woman looked like me. She lit up with a huge smile and said she looked just like me. Okay, that was them then. I snagged a nurse to double check that they were released…they were…and began the hunt to find them.

For some reason, Pops still was not answering his cell phone. I stood in the parking lot, leaning against the back of my truck, at an absolute loss as to what to do or where to go next. I decided to try the cell one more time and, lo and behold, he answered. They were on their way to fill Mama’s prescriptions and then heading home. The docs gave her some better pain meds and even some pain patches to help get her through this flare up before she goes back to her doc on Friday. She was doing better. Whew. Pops had not eaten yet but he was doing okay and would eat when he got home.

I called back to Aunt Lillian’s room and she was asleep so I signed off with Judy, headed to Long John Silvers to pick up some dinner for myself, went home, fed the girls, fed me, and collapsed for the night.

Enough now. I’m ready to be through.

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Bon Voyage

Monday, December 10th, 2007

You know that old saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Well, launch the ark Noah…it’s time to set sail! My phone rang at 7:40 this morning (as in a.m.). I remember thinking hmmm, this can’t be good. I wasn’t wrong.

My sweet, darling Great Aunt Lillian had taken a nasty fall in her kitchen and had been rushed by ambulance to the emergency room. She is 83 years young. I flew like the wind to the hospital. Turns out she broke her back and had to be admitted. The doc told us it is a compressed fracture to the L1 lumbar and, although very painful, it will not require surgery. She will need bed rest and pain management. It could have been so much worse…it wasn’t…we can be thankful for that.


I called my Uncle Curtis to let him know and he let me know that his wife (Aunt Jean) fell last night and broke her leg. Yep. Both bones. Slap through. Merry Christmas. The leg is currently splinted and they will see an orthopedist tomorrow to determine what happens next…in the way of surgery or whatever.


I spoke with the Great Prophetess Helen and she advised me that my cousin, Janice Langdon Parrish, wife of Dwight Parrish, lost her father, Ernis Harmon Langdon on Saturday. He had been quite ill but still…geez.

The water is rising…tread lightly.

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Slingshot Santa

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

The music will absolutely drive you nutty but the game is okay to pass the time…can you tell I’m at work… :D

Just click your mouse to start the catapult rolling. Then, hold down the left mouse button to load the shot and release the button to fire. Have fun!

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