What’s Up with That?

Have you ever heard someone say something and right away thought to yourself just how stupid what they said sounded? Happened to me tonight. Someone on TV said that a car had “caught fire”. Caught fire. That has always sounded ridiculous to me. How can a car “catch fire”? The whole idea of catching something implies that someone or something threw that which was caught…does it not? Who threw the fire that the car caught? Why did the car catch it? Why not just miss it on purpose. Cars, houses, fields, forests, all catching fire.

Yep, I was running away with this rant in my head when I reluctantly remembered a now famous roll of toilet paper that “caught fire”…Okay, so maybe I was responsible for throwing that particular bit of fire. Maybe the hapless roll of toilet paper had no choice but to catch that fire. Maybe I just need to shut my mouth.

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