Cows Beware

Lynnie Lou stopped by my house yesterday afternoon and, as we walked out the front door for her to leave, she hollered and jumped back. Lord have mercy this is what we saw…

OMG!! Being two strong women armed with semi-automatic firearms, we immediately began screeching and trying to decide how to kill it (I’m pretty sure the neighbors were enjoying the show). Anyway, I started trying to stomp it and it simply seemed to fend off my attempts and keep going. Lynnie Lou jumped down off the porch and attempted to help me in my murderous rampage but psycho ant just WOULD NOT DIE! Finally, Lynnie Lou picked up a large rock, dropped it on psycho ant and proceeded to bounce up and down while standing on the rock. Did it finally die? We don’t know. We got the #@#% out of there.

I goggled the creature this morning and found out that it is/was/might still be a flightless female wasp known as a velvet ant or cow killer. Its sting is reputedly strong enough to kill a cow! I don’t know if that is fact or legend but I would just as soon not have to find out.

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2 Responses to “Cows Beware”

  1. Lachlan Says:


    That IS scary, and I’m the resident Bugkiller in my house. No thanks!

  2. Lynn Says:

    This thing was sooooo big!!!! I think it was kin to mothra……I think Godzilla was right behind it AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

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