Trip the Light Fantastic

Tucker Carlson? Yeah, not so much. :)

My favorite reality show (the only one I will watch actually) Dancing with the Stars is back and I am thinking it is actually going to be a very entertaining season. I waited until after the first results show to post because I wanted to be sure we would have folks doing some legitimate voting this time and not another Master P fiasco.

I thought Tucker should be the one to go (hands down) and he did. I was pleased. I was not pleased, however, with the judges’ treatment of Sara Evans. Did she burn someone’s biscuits or what? Man, they just don’t seem to like her at all and I do believe the feeling is mutual. Whoa, major attitude happening there. Now, now kiddies…play nice.

My favorites so far? Well, Emmett Smith BLEW ME AWAY! Who knew? Mario Lopez was nothing short of amazing. He should have had to ice down his entire body after that display of excellence! I also enjoyed Vivica A. Fox. I think her fire is inspiring if not a bit intimidating.

Problem children? Harry Hamlin looked like a tortured stick man on valium. Very disappointing. I wanted to like Joey Lawrence but his new bald, mafioso-like look is not at all endearing. Where’s the sweetness?

Next to go? Probably Harry Hamlin or Jerry Springer. Of course, the smoldering war between the judges and Sara Evans could do her in as well.

Overall, I am really looking forward to the rest of this season and I will keep you posted on how it’s going.

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