On Demand

We in this country are quickly approaching a time of crisis and if we do not recognize it and take steps to stem the tide, we will, quite frankly, destroy ourselves.

We have become an “on demand” society with anything and everything available to us immediately. While that may seem wonderful and make us so much more civilized (in our minds) than other countries, we are missing the cultivation of an indispensable virtue in the lives of our young people. Patience people. How can our young people possibly learn patience when they have absolutely nothing to have to be patient about?

People who have not learned the discipline of patience can very often be extremely dangerous people…acting rashly…demanding what they want when they want it…unable to compromise…unable to wait for a planted seed to take root and work its way up and through the soil to become what it was meant to be.

It absolutely terrified me when I realized that the “on demand” generation of today will be our leaders very soon. Folks who have always known the world of microwaves, pagers, cell phones, digital cameras, cable/satellite TV, DSL, instant credit approval, “buy now pay later”, never wait for anything ever…these people will become our government officals, CEO’s, police officers, military. Do you see the nightmare we are about to have? I do…and I am scared.

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