So Long Harry

I have to say I was more than a little shocked when Harry got voted off Dancing with the Stars last night. I know he wasn’t one of the best but he had improved so much and gave his best performance yet Tuesday night. I really felt bad for the fella.

I had pegged Jerry to be the next to go but I think he has sort of become the sentimental favorite. He really tries and he is very humble, genuinely so. With the competition the stiffest it has ever been on this show, I don’t see Jerry making it past next week.

I do have to give props to Sara Evans though. She looked like a completely different person out there Tuesday night. I guess being in your element really does matter. You go Girl.

Right now I think the one to beat is Monique. Wow. She is a little firecracker and doesn’t seem to have the problem with the rules that Mario and Joey have.

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