Enough already! Mark Foley, you are a pervert. Period. End of story. You want to try to blame it on alcohol? Nope…not buying it. Maybe you do have a drinking problem but rehab won’t cure what ails you…you are still a pervert. You want to try to blame it on being abused by your clergyman? Nope…not buying it. Maybe you were abused but you are still a pervert. What’s next? Are you going to blame it all on your mother? Maybe she was too domineering? Not loving enough? Scolded you when you spilled your milk? Maybe so…but you are still a pervert and a shameless excuse for a human being. You are a pedophile. You are a criminal. You belong behind bars for a very, very long time. Oh, and all those people who chose to look the other way while you preyed on young boys? They belong behind bars too…and may God have mercy on your souls…not that any of you had mercy on those innocent boys.

…and that’s How I See It.

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