Calling All Cars

As I was getting into the elevator today to head home for lunch, I noticed Records Lady (not her real name…smile) heading toward the elevator with a very serious look on her face. Being raised as well as I was, I held the elevator and waited for her. It is only a two story building but it was the thought that counted!

Anyway, Records Lady asked me if I had seen Warrant Cop (again, not his real name) come by. I told her I hadn’t seen him and she proceeded to tell me that a guy (Wanted Dude) just walked away from the records window and he had a direct indictment warrant out for him. Warrant Cop was supposed to come up and get him but Wanted Dude had just walked away.

By this time, the elevator door opened (yes, it is that slow) and Records Lady and I came out to an empty lobby. I spotted a rather big mountain of a man in the parking lot and asked Records Lady if he was Wanted Dude. She got really excited and said, “Yeah, that’s him”. Then she disappeared through the door leading down to the Warrant Unit…looking for Warrant Cop.

As Records Lady hurried down the hall, I happened to look down at myself and discovered that…Hey…I’m a cop too!! So, I did the only thing I could do and sprang into action. Of course, I did have to detour at mid-spring to retrieve my gun from my police vehicle…but retrieve it I did.

At about this time, I noticed that Wanted Dude was in his car and pulling out of his parking space. I hurried toward the car and motioned for him to pull back into the space. Wanted Dude rolled down his car window and asked me what the problem was so I said, “You’ve got a warrant on you Man” to which he replied, “For what??” I put on my best innocent face and said. “I have no idea but you’re gonna have to come with me”…and guess what?? He did!! Yep, he parked that car and got out ever so nicely and came back to the building with me without incident…which was very, very good since he was about a foot and a half taller than me!

Now I need a vacation!!

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