More Things I Can Do Without…

1. Special Reports 5 minutes before my soapie was going to go off anyway.

2. Telemarketers…especially those that refer to me as “Mees De Bor Rahh”.

3. Dog toys that last exactly 6 minutes and 32 seconds before being ripped to shreds.

4. Law & Order: Criminal Intent – I tried. I really did but that guy just creeps me out.

5. The Local News – “The sky is falling! The world is burning! We’re all gonna die! More at 11.”

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One Response to “More Things I Can Do Without…”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I can do without:
    1. People saying: “Can I ask you a question???? Wasn’t that a question????
    2. Stupid
    3. Coffe cups that say use caution very hot….then the coffe is luke warm!
    4. Gray hair…it multiplies on my head….aaaaarrrrrgggg
    5. Low fat stuff that tastes good…I just eat more.

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