Lynnie Lou

Hey there. My Cheerios are gone and my stomach is a growlin’. That has nothing to do with this post really but I thought I would share. :D

Lynnie Lou added to her herd today when someone turned a bird in at the shelter. They said it was too much for them. Having seen the little tweeter myself, I would have to say that excuse is laughable. This guy is what is known as a Parrotlet. Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither. But, alas, the fine feathered friend is for real (pardon my overdose of alliteration there).

This is a picture of a Parrotlet that looks a lot like Lynnie Lou’s. This is not Lynnie Lou’s Parrotlet nor are they Lynnie Lou’s hands with funky looking nail polish. You’re welcome Lynnie. :)

Lynnie Lou promptly adopted said fowl and is taking him home to the rest of her herd tonight. Little fella’s name is Sparky. I guess he wasn’t quite big enough to be a flame!

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  1. Lynn Says:

    My newest child loves to stay nested in my hair when I have it down. Well it is at least better than a rat’s nest right? He is doing great, and knows what step up means.
    Lynnie Lou

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