True Story…No Lie

Since Sunday, our Animal Control Officers have been chasing after a rogue turkey in a neighborhood in The Creek (aka Deep Creek). Well, today they got him and he is currently enjoying the facilities at the shelter. No lie!! Here’s the best pic Lynnie Lou could get of him with her camera phone as he is a bit camera shy…

They also hung a sign on his cage which reads:

Howdy Pardner – My name is “Pilgrim”. I get to have Thanksgivin’ here at the shelter! I got a pardon from the Gubna’!!! Whatcha think ’bout that?

There have been sightings of a second turkey running around the same neighborhood so they have issued this BOL (Be on the Lookout) as well:

BOL – Pilgrim 2 is still at large, last seen looking at himself longingly in a car reflection. Is known to be on a fitness plan, eats rice cakes to thin down before the holidays!

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