Mommy Freaked

I know I’ve been AWOL the last few days and I do so apologize. Please accept. Allow me to share with you what greeted me when Libby rolled over for her ritual belly rub Tuesday morning…

Yes, Mommy promptly had a stroke. A trip to the vet told us that the internal stitiches from Libby’s recent spaying surgery have not yet dissolved (can take up to 60 days…didn’t know that). Some of the stitches at the top of the incision had formed a clump and were irritating the underside of the incision…eww…eww…yuck.

The doc was able to open the area and remove the clump. He said the clump came out easily and there did not appear to be any pus involved. He then cleaned the area out real well and glued my baby’s belly back shut. He said she was as good as gold and never once objected to what he was doing to her. Me? I was pacing a hole in the waiting room floor. ;)

He sent her home with some antibiotics, just to be on the safe side, and said things should be fine now. I am pleased to report that the owwie looks 900 percent better and I am recovering nicely from the stroke…thank you.

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