It Is Time

My heart finally decided it was time to go back to church so off I went yesterday and caught the Children’s Christmas Pageant. My church has been in an upheaval for quite some time now and I put myself into self-imposed exile rather than listen to or become part of all the bickering and ugliness. One or two of the uglier of the uglies also played a part in my escape.

Anyway, enough of that. The time has come to return so return I did and it was wonderful. Felt like going home. The Children’s Pageant was really cute and they all did a wonderful job. Kudos.

After church, I went to lunch at Tripp’s with PR, SilverBlue, and Tink. I was in a beef mood…they “chickened out”. :D Our extremely attentive waiter, Braeden, made the experience even more pleasant (wink at you SB).

After checking out SilverBlue’s gorgeous new leather jacket, I headed back to the Creek, fed the babies, crawled into my recliner, and studied the inside of my eyelids for a while. All in all, a most pleasant afternoon.

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