Oops, I Gots an Owwie

Cervical Spinal Stenosis, that’s my owwie…and I just thought my shoulder hurt. :( I got the results this morning of the MRI I had last week. WHAT. A. NIGHTMARE. THAT. WAS.

Even though this particular machine was an open ended tube, I lasted exactly 2 seconds before I came out of that tube like toothpaste in a microwave. Lord have mercy. To put it simply…I FREAKED. Yup, and I’m not even embarrassed. Not one little bit. The “Tube Lady” was really nice about my hissy fit and made a few adjustments (like hooking a mirror to the apparatus my head was strapped into so I could see out). Helped tremendously. Everything was upside down but I could see out so back in I went and this time I stayed the whole 20 minutes. I strutted out of there proud as a peacock…but…alas…I do have an owwie.

The doc gave me the results in her office this morning. Apparently, I actually have four discs that are bulging but three of them are inconsequential. One, however, is a bit of a problem. It has actually displaced 7mm which means…owwie…it is causing my spinal cord to get pinched and therefore causing the terrible pain along my upper shoulder. I have a bone scan scheduled for Wednesday and then we will probably begin physical therapy in an attempt to coax that little booger disc back over to where it should be.

In the meantime, I got another outrageously painful shot in the rock hard muscle along my upper shoulder. This was the third such shot and by far the most painful. If I didn’t know the shot would ultimately help me, I would have punched the doc right in the nose…once I recovered the ability to punch that is…I was trying awfully hard not to cry at the time.

My day got even more interesting as time went on but I will tell you more about that later. Just think “panic”, “puppy escapee”, “lights”, “camera”, “action”. Intrigued yet? Check back for more…muhahahahahahaha.

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