2007 – First Post

I haven’t posted yet this year because I was undergoing a bit of introspection and, now that said introspection is complete, I have come to the same conclusion I had at the beginning.

I have a problem with the execution of Saddam Hussein.

Yes, he was a very, very bad man…evil incarnate even…but what was proven by hanging him? What’s the point? Yes, sometimes I even have a problem with the death penalty here in this country and sometimes I don’t have qualms at all. Depends on the situation. Jeffrey Dahmer for instance, the death penalty would have been too good for him. Even so, his untimely demise at the hands of another inmate didn’t bother me at all. Uh, buh bye.

I don’t know but maybe what bothers me so much about Saddam is the hanging. I had no idea they still did that anywhere but I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised given the atrocities folks out that way have a tendency toward. Humanity doesn’t seem to be their strong suit. Still, hanging a crazy old has been of a man…I just don’t know. Bothers me.

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