Shaken, Rattled, but Holding On

My family has been rocked pretty hard this week…first with the death of a cousin and then with the hospitalization of my Aunt Sue following complications from chemotherapy. Aunt Sue is deep into her second battle with cancer. The first was breast cancer and now it’s liver cancer. Over the last few years, the chemo and cancer have taken such a toll on her body that she is almost unrecognizable and the pain is nearly constant.

This last treatment has left her severely dehydrated and mentally out of it. The situation is bad but the nurse is telling us we do not need to head that way just yet. My Aunt Sue has always been such a blessing and such a bright spot in our family and it hurts to see her like this. She is truly suffering.

Sometimes, in situations like this one, it is hard to know just how to pray. I have about come to the conclusion that sometimes the most loving thing anyone can do for someone like Aunt Sue is to pray that she passes on…that the pain is forever stopped and peace replaces every sorrow. I love my Aunt Sue more than words can say and I pray we say “Farewell” very soon. It’s time for her to go home.

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2 Responses to “Shaken, Rattled, but Holding On”

  1. Silver Blue Says:

    As I mentioned in my post this morning regarding “With my cup of cawfee”, you and your family are in my prayers for God’s will to be done.

  2. wemightbekin Says:

    Thank you Sweetheart

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