Sir I.T. Guy

I had a most unpleasant encounter with I.T. Guy yesterday at work. As a matter of fact, when our most unpleasant encounter was finished, I do believe I uttered the word “JERK” a little more audibly than under my breath as I walked away. Angered me, he did. (Sorry Aunt Joyce. I know I did wrong.)

This morning, I saw I.T. Guy pulling into the parking lot as I got to work. Yes, I was reminded of the most unpleasant encounter…ugh…great way to start the day. I walked up to the front of the building and I.T. Guy, at a half trot, called for me to wait. I stopped…ugh.

I.T. Guy walked up to me and APOLOGIZED for the way he treated me yesterday! Wow! Blown away does not even begin to cover my feelings at that point. I.T. Guy gained about 37 sticky stars for courage at that very moment. I promptly accepted his apology and remarked that it takes a big man to do what he just did.

I now officially dub I.T. Guy…Sir I.T. Guy.

Great way to start the day.

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