Things Gone Wild!

I know I haven’t posted in a little while. I had a wonderfully ugly winter cold. I’m sure some of you can relate all too well. Now, for the things that have gone wild…

The “sitemeter” on this page has stopped counting. It stopped several days ago and, even after three e-mails for assistance, it is still not counting. Soooo, I have no idea who has been visiting.

I have TiVo on my television. TiVo not only records what I program it to record but it also records “suggestions”…things it thinks I might like to see based on my watching patterns. For some unknown reason, my TiVo has gone south of the border and started recording Spanish shows in the “suggestions” list. What’s up with that? I have NEVER watched Spanish shows…EVER.

The weather here is always, always, always crazy but it is giving new meaning to “crazy” lately. Today the temperature got up into the 60′s. Yesterday, mostly in the 30′s. They’re calling for possible snow flurries tomorrow night. No wonder I got a cold.

More later.

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One Response to “Things Gone Wild!”

  1. Silver Blue Says:

    Seems to be working now. In fact, it seems to have kept all the data and dropped it in for the week.

    I’m not going to pretend to understand technology. Not with the migraine I have today.

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