I became very well acquainted with my snooze button this morning. Very well acquainted. I believe we met at least three times. Needless to say, I had to forgo the Cheerios to make it to work with a modicum of punctuality. I found a jelly honey bun thingy in the machine that served as psuedo breakfast…one I’m sure I’ll regret in about an hour and a half.

My cell phone burst into song a little bit ago (it plays Footloose…love it) and the caller ID said it was The Kid (my niece)…aka Barbara Jean (if you watch Reba then you know what I mean). Anyway, The Kid and I have wonderfully rude nicknames for each other so, seeing that she was calling, I quickly answered with, “What, Pig?” Totally appropriate, believe me.

But. Um. It wasn’t The Kid on the phone. It was Mama. Oops. She got a kick out of catching me off guard. I had a stroke. I called my Mama a pig!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Luckily, she forgives and still loves me. We’re going to lunch today. Chesapeake Pizza. Yum. The Kid will be there too. Trust me when I say, there will most definitely be payback. Muhahahahahahahaha…..

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