Why is it that the mere presence of a single snowflake in the sky has an almost Krypton like effect on Hampton Roads motorists?

“Losing all driving sense…must drive erratically and slam car into other cars. Arggghhh.”


What is it that gives some folks the unmitigated gall (I’ve always wanted to use that term, “unmitigated gall”, but never really had an opportunity before now) to park illegally in front of police headquarters and then want to argue when approached about it.

Me: “Who belongs to that black Chrysler 300?”

Lobby: The sound of crickets

Me: “Again, who belongs to the illegally parked black Chrysler?”

Lobby: Still crickets but now fingers pointing to one individual who is acting as if she didn’t hear my question either time.

Me: “Ma’am, is that your car out there?”

Unmitigated Gall Lady: “The black one with the license plate that says ‘YEAH HUH’?” (grinning broadly)

Me: (no grin involved) “Yes Ma’am. You cannot park there”.

Unmitigated Gall Lady: “Oh! I’ll just be two seconds!” (said with a slight but most obvious hop, I guess for emphasis…she was only about 4 feet tall)

Me: (still no grin) “You cannot park there, Ma’am.”

Unmitigated Gall Lady: “Well, would you rather I ask my fiancee to move the car, he’s waiting for me, or get this done?” (shows me fingerprint paperwork)

Me: (seriously no grin) “Move the car or I will write you a ticket.”

Unmitigated Gall Wench: Stomps out of the building in a huff.

Lobby: Rolls laughing.

Me: “Good Lord!”

Unreal. I sometimes just don’t understand people.

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