Echoes of Life

Ever since The Article about the reunion of mother and daughter was published in the papers in December, I have received so many requests from people wanting to find loved ones. I am trying to respond to every request as time permits.

Last night, we put another family together. That makes four reunions now. How cool is that? The part that surprises me so much each time we set up a reunion is the absolute sense of exhaustion I feel afterward. I get so wrapped up in each and every find and, the closer we get to realizing a reunion, the more every ounce of my energy is focused on making the connection. Whew, draining…but oh so rewarding at the same time. I absolutely love to put families back together…I love it.

Of course, all of the glory goes to God the Father who makes all things possible according to his will. The credit goes to the family members who are willing to search and willing to be found. The privilege of helping these people who are willing to trust me with their families…that privilege is mine and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity. I am truly humbled by your love for us God. Truly humbled.

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