Fun with Headlines

I saw this headline on my Google desktop today:

And I thought to myself:

Then I read the article and THEY MISSED THE WHOLE POINT! No, no, no, the risk of injury is not to the woman…the risk of injury is to men, other women, children, and the public in general! I think I can even go as far as to say that the risk of injury in many, many menstrual cycle cases is pretty much guaranteed.

Are you with me ladies? Have you not felt the inescapable impulse to do great bodily harm at certain times of the month? Have you not felt that every one of your actions would be legally justifiable given the circumstance and the intended victim’s misguided judgement that caused them to get in your way in the first place?

Injury to the woman? PSHAW!!

Sorry Aunt Joyce but I am going there. :D

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