The Saga of the Crusty Nose

This is the first time I have posted here about this so don’t think you missed something. Some of you know that I have been dealing with a problem with my oldest pup, Sophie (she’s three). She has a habit of jumping into the lattice which I have attached to the top of my fence all around the yard. I initially installed the lattice to keep Miss Long Legs from accidentally going over the fence. Of course it would be an accident if she went over the fence! She loves her Mommy and would never intentionally go over it. Just take that notion completely out of your mind.

Sophie doesn’t jump into the lattice just for something to do…no, no…she is usually barking at the top of her lungs and trying to alert the neighborhood that an interloper is in the area. The interloper is usually in the form of a rabbit, a cat, or a stray pup. Whilst barking she of course must jump as high as possible to be sure her alert is carried to the far reaches of the neighborhood. Herein lies the problem. She continually smacks her nose into the lattice and not only damages the lattice, but damages her nose as well. The nose damage actually worsened when I lined the lattice with “poultry fencing” (that’s another story completely) to keep said Town Crier from breaking the lattice off and, again totally by accident, going over the fence.

In many ways however, the “poultry fencing” has decreased her bouts of jumping into the lattice since smacking one’s nose into “poultry fencing” can be quite uncomfortable. Her nose however, doesn’t seem to want to heal. I know that continually reinjuring the nose doesn’t help either but even using Neosporin on it hasn’t seemed to help. Plus, she licks that off anyway. Eww.

This past Friday I took her to the Vet for her normal check-up and Dog Doctor Dude got very concerned about her nose and even busted out the medical books to show me pictures. He suspects that she has an auto immune diease (like Lupus, etc) that is causing the problem with her nose. WHAT? I certainly didn’t see that one coming. I also didn’t see the $367.00 bill for the necessary bloodwork to rule out an auto immune disease. Thank God for tax refunds.

Anyway, he opted not to give her the shots she was due for in case we are dealing with an auto immune problem and they could aggravate it. Now came the waiting for the bloodwork results to come back.

Here’s a photo of the Crusty Nose:

I finally got the results Tuesday afternoon and they were all negative, thank God. Dog Doctor Dude, however, was still pushing for an aggressive treatment and recommended a biopsy of the nose. Again, WHAT? He explained the cookie cutter type of procedure the biopsy would entail as well as the fact that she would have to be put under anesthesia and would have stitches. Again, WHAT?

After sufficiently scaring the *#%#$$ out of me, he did acquiesce to a much less aggressive avenue in which we would treat her with antibiotics and a topical solution in the hopes that she simply has a skin infection of some sort that has been made worse by slamming her nose into the lattice and “poultry fencing”. Another $142.00 and I have medication for her for the next two weeks.

The antibiotics are no big deal as I can just put them in her food and she eats them without even noticing. The drops are another story however. She is not liking the drops. I was hoping for a gel or cream but no…they are drops. Dog Doctor Dude even went as far as to direct me to try to keep her from licking the medication off of her nose for a few seconds. Yeah, ok, like that’s gonna happen. She did lick at it but she apparently didn’t like the taste too much so she didn’t lick too much.

Still, this is going to be an endeavor but I hope that it does the trick and we don’t have to go the cookie cutter route. Ouch.

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