As I Get Older…

I have added a new category and today is the kickoff for it. I decided I needed to share some of the wealth of information I have amassed over the decades so you young folks will know what’s coming. I will be adding to it as the muse inspires me.

As I Get Older…

I have phantom pains
And mystery bruises
One big hearty laugh
And my bladder oozes

Varicose veins
And two crunchy knees
Lactose intolerant
Pardon me please

Wake up each morning
“Good Lord” I proclaim
I’ve channeled Fred Sanford
We shuffle the same

Slowly I stumble
Bathroom by Braille
Thank God Almighty
The shower has rails

Finally I make it
Out the front door
Forgot my car keys
Back in once more

Mindlessly follow
The commuter masses
Can’t see a thing
Without tri-focal glasses

More to come…

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One Response to “As I Get Older…”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Bought Ginko-Biloba
    could’nt remember to take it
    Can’t hear what you said
    I guess i just have to fake it

    I bend over a little to tie my shoe
    they seem farther than ever
    My belly seems to have grown
    the noises I make come from unknown

    I put dye in my hair
    to keep the gray at bay
    Have to put on my glasses
    to see it anyway

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