Sorry for my absence yesterday but I was home with the worst most debilitating migraine I can ever remember having. The only thing that kept me from calling someone to carry me to the emergency room was the fact that I couldn’t even fathom the idea of trying to sit in that waiting room with my head coming apart like it was. I even thought about calling an ambulance but, well, I needed to take a shower and get cleaned up and that just wasn’t going to happen. So I called my Mom and let her know I was dying and, if I did give up the ghost, I asked her not to think bad of me because my house was dirty.

Then, I held my head in my hands as I made my way to the kitchen and got an icepack from the freezer. I collapsed back in the bed with the ice pack on my head and over my eyes and, at some point, I either fell asleep or passed out (take your pick) and woke up a couple of hours later. My head was still coming off but at least I could walk now without using the wall to hold me up.

Today is much, much better but the remnants of the evil migraine monster are still lurking just below the surface. I am being so careful because it feels like if I make just one false move the whole thing will come flooding back and crush me like a grape again. Step lightly Deb. Step lightly.

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  1. bonecollector » Blog Archive » Saint M. D. Says:

    [...] My doctor is a saint among physicians. I am even considering notifying the Vatican to consider her for sainthood. What did she do, you ask? Well, let me share. After I told her the horror story about my near death migraine headache experience, she gave me sample of a medication to try. I have used it exactly 6 times and it has worked exactly six times. I am in awe…truly, in awe. [...]

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