Just some random thinking on my part:

~ Why do I wake up 10 minutes before my alarm was going to go off anyway?

~ Why do I try to get into a deep sleep for those 10 minutes?

~ Why do puppy kisses chase away any remnants of a bad day?

~ Why are we still talking about Anna Nicole Smith?

~ Why do I go to bed so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open just to lie there wide awake for hours?

~ Why are some people too mean for words?

~ Why does the grammar check tool in Microsoft Word speak Ebonics?

~ Why do people think you must be up to no good when you do something nice for them?

~ Why does bottled water have an expiration date?

~ Why are we still in Afghanistan and Iraq and threatening to go to North Korea and Iran?

~ Why can’t we find Bin Laden?

~ Why do we care what someone did fifty years ago as a child just because they are running for office today?

~ Why does Barak Obama take offense at being called sexy with his shirt off?

~ Why do some folks accept charitable help and then sell it?

~ Why are naps at work a no-no?

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