No Chicken Wire

Good Lord in heaven, what is happening to people? There is “politically correct” and then there’s “politically say what?”. As I alluded to in the crusty nose post, here is the story of the poultry fencing.

Yes children, gather around, I have quite a tale to spin. It seems that someone somewhere took great umbrage at the term “chicken wire” and apparently launched a massive nationwide campaign to rename the meshed wonder. It is now referred to as “poultry netting”. This actually took me by surprise when I searched the web for prices on chicken wire only to find that it is no longer referred to in such an apparently offensive manner. For instance, while searching the big orange home improvement store (use your heads here kiddies…you know the name) for said chicken wire on line, I couldn’t find it. Then I searched “fencing” and guess what came up? Yep. It was “poultry fencing” on line and actually “poultry netting” in the store.

Here, look for yourself…

I guess either some chickens were greatly offended that anyone would think mere wire could hold them in or some other type of poultry (turkeys maybe) got upset about being referred to as chickens…which they clearly are not. Or maybe it was Cornish Hens that started the campaign…but, no, I guess they probably would have opted for Cornish Latticed Mesh or some such thing. Whatever or whomever, the fact remains that “chicken wire” is no longer vogue. “Poultry Netting”, people. Remember that.

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