A Lost Art

I’ve figured out what’s wrong with kids today. Want to know? Alright, I’ll tell you. They don’t climb trees. Yep, and I am sore afraid that fact will lead to our ruin as a civilization.

When I was a kid, we lived in a house that had a HUGE tree in the backyard. It probably wasn’t really all that huge but when you’re a little kid, it doesn’t take much to be considered huge. Anyway, that tree was magic for us. Oh yeah…the kids from the neighborhood would all come over (see that was during a time in history when kids in the neighborhood knew each other and played together…outside) and we would head up into the tree. Only, it wasn’t a tree anymore at that point. No, it was the Starship Enterprise and we were the crew.

Captain Kirk and his crew, everyone had a name from the show, would take their places on the “bridge” and we would get down to business. We traveled the universe in that tree…beaming down to alien planets, doing battle with alien bad guys, rescuing each other from all kinds of tight spots and situations…of course phasers were always set on “stun”. We even took turns being Captain Kirk and ordering Mr. Sulu to “Get us out of here, warp factor 9″.

That tree could take us anywhere we wanted to go. All we had to do was imagine it. That’s the problem with the times we live in now. There is no more imagination for kids. Everything has already been imagined for them. All a kid has to do now is turn on the Playstation or computer or whatever and someone else’s imagination takes them anywhere they want to go. They never even have to get off the couch.

It is so sad to me that kids today don’t know what it is to fly a tree and boldly go where no kid has gone before. Maybe they just need someone to show them how it’s done. Anyone out there up for a trip on the Starship Enterprise?

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One Response to “A Lost Art”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Alysa climbed a tree! Yep 12 feet in the air. Too bad the ground was also 12 feet down. When the tree branch snapped and she feel to the ground landing on her poor little arm a crunching sound was heard. Both bone sin her ar, were bronken. Do that stop her? No, she had to finish playing before we could go to King’s Daughters! She can be a little less bold.

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