Spouting Doubting

Some people, it seems, just cannot be happy in life unless they find a way to cast a shadow on someone else’s happiness. I call that “Spouting Doubting”. You know someone like that I’m sure. You tell them about something wonderful that happened to you or to someone you know and their first response to you is, “Yeah, but…”. For some reason, that I just cannot fathom, these people are always looking for “the catch”. They believe strings are always going to be attached, no matter the circumstance.

Guess what, people. Sometimes a blessing is really just a blessing. You didn’t do anything to deserve it. You didn’t make it happen. You don’t have to cross the t’s or dot the i’s to make it stick. Sometimes good things happen and all that is required of you is to believe it is real. There will always be someone willing to be the one “spouting doubting” but you have to have the faith to not let them steal your blessing.

Recognize the gift and overlook the doubters.

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