Saying Goodbye

Please pardon my absence as of late. I have preferred a solitude without words, spoken or written, as I try to come to terms with the ever so imminent loss of my dear Aunt Sue. The ugliness that is cancer will claim her life in a very short time but she has resolved that the claiming of that life will not be ugly. She has an almost otherworldly peace about her journey from this world to the next. She is ready with only the “Goodbyes” left to say.

As we visited with her Sunday, along with a house full of other folks, I watched Aunt Sue watching everyone else. It was as if she was trying to drink in every aspect and characteristic of each person there. While she is but a whisper of the vibrant, energetic, athletic human being she once was, she seems to be filled with an all-consuming love and wants to be sure the people in her life know her feelings for them.

Her body has betrayed her…medicine has betrayed her…but she knows that God’s word is true and He will never betray her. Her time here with us is quickly passing but her journey is really just beginning. She will leave us but it will be on her own terms…in her pink sweat suit, wearing her pink ball cap, with all of us singing “Go Rest High on that Mountain” and “Amazing Grace”…with all of us desperately holding on to every memory and every “I love you”.

We will miss you so much Aunt Sue… I will miss you…but God is waiting for you and I’m sure He has claimed your first dance in Heaven. Thank you for loving me and being my Ruby.

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3 Responses to “Saying Goodbye”

  1. Jill Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  2. wemightbekin Says:

    Thank you so much, Jill. Letting go is so very difficult but thoughts and prayers of friends and loved ones make it a bit easier.

  3. Jill Says:

    Yes, it is very difficult to let go of those so dear to us. However, a beautiful, peaceful place awaits and there will be no pain or sickness. Hold on to that thought and your treasured memories.

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