Most Humble Apologies

Yes folks, I have been watching the one and only reality show I will watch, Dancing with the Stars, and I am loving it. I have to admit though…I really thought Heather Mills’ inclusion as a contestant on the show was a publicity stunt. I thought it was going to be agony as horrible as the debaucle of Sara Evans or Master P. I was very, VERY mistaken.

I know she will probably never see this herself but, just in case, here goes –

Dear Ms. Mills,

Please accept my most humble apologies for doubting the veracity of your presence on Dancing with the Stars. You, Ms. Mills, are the epitome of grace and perseverance. I believe you are doing the show for exactly the reasons you proclaim and I am most impressed at your abilities. If I didn’t know you were missing your leg, I certainly wouldn’t be able to tell by your performances. You really are a fantastic role model to anyone who has ever lost a limb.

I also must your applaud your willingness to get up in front of the world and do this show when there has been so much negativity in the press regarding you and your impending divorce. You have shown yourself to be a true Lady and I have a brand new perspective of you. You deserve the title of “Hero” so dance on Sweet Lady, dance on.


A New Fan


If anyone ever has the audacity to refer to you as handicapped, I hope you punch them right in the mouth!

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2 Responses to “Most Humble Apologies”

  1. Tink Says:

    I totally agree with you!

  2. Terri Says:

    I refuse to watch this season because she is on. At least I still have Surviver! LOL

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