Bye Bye Clyde

Dancing with the Stars last night was…well, it was odd. I believe Clyde and Shandi will be the bottom two tonight with Clyde headed out the door. He tries but it just isn’t enough. He’s simply too lanky to make all of his body parts do what they should at the same time and in rhythm. Shandi? Well, she’s just kind of boring. Her flamboyant boy partner doesn’t help matters much when he out sparkles her 2 to 1. He needs to step down to her level just a little instead of trying to drag her ordinary self up to his.

Apparently the judges were smoking crack because their scores and comments, for the most part, didn’t make sense…at least not to me. I will never understand penalizing the celebrity for technical no-no’s which are completely the responsibility of the professional dancer. For instance, Laila got whacked down big time for breaking the hold in the Tango which is apparently grounds for execution. Laila doesn’t know the rules for these dances…that’s what her professional partner is all about. He choreographed the dance so why should she be penalized for following his lead? She is still my favorite among the ladies.

Speaking of crack, wasn’t the back of Leeza Gibbons’ dress cut just a bit too low? I was quite concerned that we were going to get a bit more than we bargained for before her Tango was over.

Joey’s Star Wars Tango was over the top for me. I didn’t care for it at all and felt it cheapened the mystique of the Tango. The judges, however, liked it. Again, on crack.

Heather Mills blew me away once again. The woman leaped off the stage…leaped!!! She has a fake leg and she leaped off the stage!! How cool is that? She knew she would never be able to do the Jive on the leg she had so she went to the prosthetic guy and had him fix her up a new one that had some bounce to it. She was amazing! She even wore a skirt for her routine. She really danced a good number. I am in awe of this woman. You go girl.

Poor, poor Billy Ray. He is still tons better than his first performance but his Tango was painful to watch. At least we know he can count and he did just that through his entire routine. John was entertaining and he is obviously really trying to do a good job but he’s just not that good either. I do think he will out last Billy Ray Swamp Bear though.

Those cracked up judges called Apolo sloppy and praised Ian. I’m at a loss to explain that. Ian looked to me like he was chasing Cheryl all over the floor just trying to keep up with her. I love to watch Apolo dance. He seems to be having an absolute ball. He is, by far, my favorite among the men this season.

So, that’s my take. Let’s watch tonight and see what happens.

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