What a Day

I really wanted to go to Maunday Thursday service at church tonight but I was too wiped out. I spent the entire afternoon waiting in the court building for the case to be heard between Unreliable Contractor Man and his soon to be ex-wife Psychocondriac. Back in October I won a judgement against them in Civil Court for unfinished and shoddy construction work at my home. I paid them before they finished because they were going on vacation and we were friends…I thought. That old adage about never doing business with friends…it really is good advice.

Anyway, I won the judgement but they never moved an inch to pay me. I even put a lien on their house and property but still no payment. Well, Unreliable Contractor Man called me Monday, out of the blue. We had not spoken at all since court in October. He told me that Psychocondriac had left him again (yes, again) and that they had a court date set for today to haggle over the income tax return. Unreliable Contractor Man told me to come to court and he would ask the judge to allow me to have the bulk of the income tax to pay off their debt to me. Psychocondriac had no idea I was going to be there. Oh joy.

Court was backed up so we waited…and waited…and waited. Remember, Psychocondriac did not know I was there for their case so I was avoiding Unreliable Contractor Man and trying to stay out of her line of vision. Finally, the case was called.

As I sat in the back of the courtroom, I was absolutely stunned to see that Psychocondriac had no teeth. NO TEETH! She is much younger than I am and she had a mouth full of teeth the last time I saw her. The woman had NO TEETH!

She stood in front of the judge wiggling around like a gummie worm saying she was in a tremendous amount of pain in her back and had applied for Social Security Disability. She also said it was stemming from broken ribs she received nearly two years ago when Unreliable Contractor Man supposedly threw her down the hall in their house. Now, mind you, we were all still friends then and she told me her very self that she broke her ribs when she fell off a ladder at one of their job sites. They had their own handyman type of business at the time. She knows I’m a cop…if he had really broken her ribs, why wouldn’t she have told me so?

Apparently, she has since become rather addicted to prescription drugs and is taking a truckload full and getting prescriptions from several different places. Just looking at her or listening to her talk, it is quite obvious that she isn’t all there. Somehow, the removal of her choppers is all wrapped up in that addiction as well.

Anyway, this situation got even more tangled in court today and the judge set another date for June to try to figure all their mess out. She is also trying to do all she can legally to get me my money. Unreliable Contractor Man told the judge he promised me payment and wants to follow through. Psychocondriac said she did not make that promise. She does, however, have a judgement against her on my behalf that is legally binding for ten years and she best believe that I will not let it go.

Can you understand now why I was fried by the time I got home? I ate some dinner, crawled up into my chair and became unconscious. Tomorrow is a new day and I will hopefully make it to the Good Friday service.

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