Big News

The Kid (my neice, a.k.a. Barbara Jean) and Baby Boy (my name for her fella) are officially engaged. Yup, Baby Boy put a pile of diamonds on her finger and now the race to the finish line is on! The date will be in 2009.

Back to the rock. Good Lord that thing is beyond huge! It is something like 2.4 carats and could blind a person with the sparkle. I, of course, had to proclaim that it was nothing more than Cubic Zirconia. Just kidding. It really is beautiful. I do, however, have a concern. I’m afraid the sheer size of the gem is going to neccessitate that The Kid carry her arm around in a sling so as not to pull any muscles or throw her back out.

She’s happy…he’s good to her…they have my blessing. :D

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