ROAR…Yeah, Not so Much

There are some people we all have to deal with on a nearly daily basis who, I am sure, we all wish would just go away. Do you have someone like that in your world? I do. I shall bestow upon that creature the moniker of Crouching Tiger – Hidden Agenda.

This person seems to always be watching for the slightest hint of misbehavior in someone so that a complaint can be made and serious offense can be taken. You know the type. Always on the offensive. Always looking for the slam or cutting remark. Creating an offensive situation out of a completely innocuous statement. We have all learned to step lightly.

Sometimes, in an attempt at humor, Crouching Tiger – Hidden Agenda will make a completely off-color remark and end up being the only one laughing. Humor is definitely not this one’s forte. In the off chance that a remark actually does draw some laughter, we will all be condemned to hearing that same remark repeated incessantly for the rest of the day in hopes of getting another laugh. Ugh. Perhaps it is time to start planning a safari expedition.

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