Handfuls on Purpose

A pastor at a church I sometimes attend once said during a sermon, “Your life is God’s gift to you…how you live it is your gift to Him”. After pondering this statement for a while, I decided on the theme for how I want to live my life. My life’s creed is “Handfuls on Purpose”.

If you’re wondering where you might have heard that phrase before, try the book of Ruth, chapter 2, verse 16. This is the point at which Boaz, having learned that Ruth has been gleaning in his fields, orders his workers to leave “handfuls on purpose”.

null Let’s talk about “gleaning” a minute. If someone “gleans” in a field, they are picking up what the harvesters left behind. In biblical times, and even today, that is what poor people did to get food to eat.

Ruth did not work for Boaz but, since he was a wealthy landowner with lots of crops to harvest, she chose his fields in which to glean for food. Boaz saw Ruth and his heart went out to her, so comes the order for “handfuls on purpose”. I am certain Boaz got that idea after God put a bug in his ear! :)

Now, this was not charity mind you. No, Ruth still had to work for what she gathered. Even though she was picking up what they left behind, she still had to bend over and make her way through the fields in the heat of the day just like the paid workers. Unbeknownst to Ruth, Boaz simply made sure there was an abundance to be gathered.

God does that for us all of the time…dropping “handfuls on purpose” so that we find an abundance even when we aren’t looking for it. Have you ever felt like He laid it on your heart to drop “handfuls on purpose”? Even the smallest effort can bring a welcomed abundance.

Here are some ways that I have found to leave my own “handfuls on purpose”:

* Leave your change in the vending machine after you get what you want.

* Tip your waiter or waitress more than expected.

* Buy breakfast for everyone in the office. (Folks love McMuffins!)

* Give someone a compliment.

* Don’t offer to bring dinner to a sick friend…just bring it.

* Tell folks you appreciate them. They will light up every time.

Give it a little practice and an open mind and I’m sure you can find lots of ways for God to show you how to leave your own “Handfuls on Purpose”.

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  1. bird dog Says:

    Good piece – and thanks for blogrolling us. Hope you enjoy our gleanings!

    Bird Dog

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