Unreliable Contractor Man has a new name. From this point forward, he shall be known as He Who Did the Right Thing. He showed up on my doorstep last night and handed me nearly 90% of what he owes me. I was floored.

Apparently, he and Psychocondriac have been ordered into mediation by the court. The mediator laid out all of their bills (apparently a boatload) and He Who Did the Right Thing was adamant that I be paid first. Mediator Guy tried to encourage him to pay what appeared to be more pressing bills first but he would not be swayed.

Making things right with me was a priority to him, so he showed up at my house and handed me the money with a huge smile on his face and a promise of monthly payments for the balance. I am so proud of him and I told him so. Our friendship will begin anew but with baby steps for the time being.

I’m off to the bank!

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