Wiggling with the Twinklers

Dancing With The Stars last night was great! In my book, the front-runner is still Laila Ali. She was amazing! I’d like to see her take the whole thing.

Apolo seemed a little off to me last night. Don’t get me wrong, he was still good but he seemed to have gotten lost a time or two. I do enjoy watching him though. He is extremely entertaining and comes off as a really pleasant kind of guy.

What was the deal with that jumbo alien vein sticking out of the middle of Ian’s forehead? Good Lord, he looked like an extra on Star Trek, The Next Generation. I know the dude really tries but his posture is awful and I think he truly has no idea. He thinks he is turning in stellar performances…yeah, not so much.

I actually enjoyed John’s first dance very much. It seemed to fit him perfectly and he did a really nice job. The second dance fell way, WAY short for me. At least the judges weren’t so harsh with him this week. {By the way, did any of you think Len and Bruno were going to come to blows before it was over last night? Wow.}

Joey is really good but Joey really gets on my nerves too. That’s just a personal take, I know, but I wonder if that very type of thought might be what gives Laila the edge over him when push comes to shove. Sophistication and class versus the class clown.

Billy Ray Swamp Bear…poor little fella…it is time for him to go about his merry way. With the competition that is left, he is just so far below their capabilities that it is almost sad. No, it is sad, very sad.

So I think Billy Ray should get voted off tonight but I fear that his fan base will save him and John will find the door. Could go either way. Obviously, neither of these fellas is going to be around much longer so it’s really just a question of which one gets voted off first.

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