You Should Be Dancin’….Yeah!

Good Gracious! Apolo was on fire last night! I enjoyed his Paso Doble so much I was hootin’ and hollerin’ right at my TV. Good thing my neighbors couldn’t hear me. At least I hope they couldn’t. I think that was just about my favorite Paso of all time, bar none. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I thought his Tango was mighty fine too.

Laila was also right up there once again. Her tribute to her father was an absolute tear jerker. I was smiling so big I think I pulled a muscle in my face. She is a gorgeous dancer.

Joey’s first dance was a bit boring to me. I agree that it was technically sound but that’s about all it was. His second dance was better but he still isn’t one of my favorites. Probably just a personality thing on my part really. He is quite talented obviously.

Ian’s alien vein was back again last night. I thought he was going to go postal on the judges after they shot him down over his first dance. It was most apparent that he was very, VERY angry. I thought the judges were going to need an armed escort home. To be honest though, Ian really isn’t all that good…certainly not good enough for the final.

Billy Ray, Billy Ray, Billy Ray…while it probably wasn’t politically correct for Bruno to label your dancing as “crap”, your dancing was…well, it was crap. You honestly have no business still being on the show and I think you know it. The only reason you are still here is because your fans are voting to keep you here out of love for you and your music. Do yourself and all of us a favor…tell them to let you go.

As for the judges, I think Len must be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. His judging oftentimes makes no sense. His comments about Apolo’s Tango lacking passion for instance…what was that about? That Tango was absolutely oooooozing passion. It almost seems like he disagrees with Carrie Ann and Bruno just to disagree. I don’t know but I am tired of their CONSTANT bickering. It just isn’t funny anymore. Maybe it is time for a change.

So, the final three will be Apolo, Joey, and Laila. I think that much is obvious. As for the final two? Too close to call yet.

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