Good Gracious, That Scared Me

I am so happy that Billy Ray was finally voted off last night. Nothing against him…he really is a southern gentleman and he gave it his all but it was truly time for him to go. I have to say though, I was absolutely on pins and needles waiting for them to announce who was leaving and scared to death that it was going to be Joey. Stranger things have happened! Joey looked like he wasn’t even breathing himself. What a scary moment that was. I was so shocked to see him standing in the bottom two instead of Ian. What was that about? Whew!

Speaking of alien vein Ian…what was up with him grabbing Apolo by the neck? That seemed a bit rough to me…not at all playful. Apolo even looked a little taken aback himself. If Ian had grabbed Laila like that she would have laid him out like a rug! Hopefully, Ian will be the next to go and then we can get down to the real competition. Keeping my fingers crossed here.

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