No, No, No

I have kept my mouth shut on the immigration issue…that is until now. With the current push to have the National Anthem, our National Anthem, sung in Spanish as well as English, I have to say “Enough is Enough!!”

I can understand folks wanting to come to the United States and make a living here. Of course I can. We are an extremely blessed country (though it does seem we tend to forget the magnitude of that blessing from time to time). I can understand but I do not sympathize.

If you are here illegally and you want to stay, do it legally. Become an American citizen. Take the oath. Swear your allegiance. Pay our taxes. Sing our National Anthem…but sing it in our national language.

Afterall, when Francis Scott Key penned this tribute to American fortitude, it had nothing to do with illegal immigrants or people trying to claim rights that were not theirs to claim. It had everything to do with pride in ourselves and the right to be our own country with a government “by the people” and “for the people”…The United States of America…not the united states of Mexico.

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2 Responses to “No, No, No”

  1. Daniel Cosgrove-Hall Says:

    The problem, Bonecollector, is that the US *has* no official language. Maybe it’s time for those mucky-mucks to finally sit down and declare English as our “official” language. THen it’s easier to argue “learn it, use it, or leave it”.

    I agree with you, by the way, that it should be in English only, but I wanted to state that someone needs to do SOMETHING.

  2. Pam Daly Says:

    Hi: I to am tired of the immigration issue and wanting to sing our anthem in their language. My father fought for Canada. It makes me sick when I hear that during the WINTER OLYMPICS IN 2010 THE NATIONAL ANTHEM WILL BE SUNG IN HINDEE. I will not buy anything to hwlp the Olympics because of this. Singing the national anthem in any other language but the host’s country has never been done before and I am furious about it. I don’t think many people know the anthem is tto be sung in Hindee. When I try to discuss it with anyone I am branded a racist when in actuality I am a proud Canadian. Our anthem is to be sung in English and French, NOT HINDEE.

    I would not stand for the American Anthem to be sung in Spanish. Why our governments think making “IMMIGRANTS feel more at home, then let the Eat Indinians and Mexicans go home where they are more comfortable with their language. Whew. That’s it. My rant is done. Pam

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