We Might Be Kin

Okay kiddies…the wait is over…well sort of anyway. My hop through Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Church’s cemetery has turned into more of a trek as I endeavor to flesh it out. I am only into the H’s and have already been able to add more than 500 more people to my own family tree just from information I’ve found there! It is truly amazing the doors that will open with information gleaned from a cemetery.

Anyway, I have been updating the GEDCOM and I’ve decided to go ahead and update the Death Certificates and Obituaries on wemightbekin now since they are getting out of control. Obviously, there will be many, MANY more to come. The Death Certificates will make it up today but the Obituaries will take a bit longer since I have 36 pages of them stored up. Yes, you read that right…36 PAGES. Not all of the info will be from Rehobeth as I’m always looking at other stuff too so be prepared.

Now, it is always important to remember to check the New Stuff page at wemightbekin for the newest additions to the site. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to navigate through it page by page…especially since it is becoming such a mammoth site.

I hope you enjoy it kiddies and find lots of it useful for your own research as well!! Keep diggin’!

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