Not a Clue

So, who is going to get voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight? I. Have. No. Idea. Good Lord. Did you see the show last night? How awesome was that? Ian even kept his alien vein under control. I was much impressed by that little feat all by itself. Do tell me though, why would Ian wait until the final four to decide he just might know how to dance after all?

Obviously, someone in power must have had a chat with our crusty judges because they played very nicely together last night. It was about time we saw some respectability from them. By the way, Len still moves pretty well for an old geezer, doesn’t he?

Now then, who ends up in the bottom two? Who gets booted? Who got my five on-line votes? Apolo & Laila. Yeah!!!!!

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  1. Tink Says:

    Mine too!

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