Good Morning

Let’s talk a little genealogy, shall we?

I updated the GEDCOM last night. We are quickly approaching the 31,000 mark. How cool is that? Check it out and see if you can find anything you might need for your own research.

I am going to try to sit myself down and post the nearly 50 death certificates I have waiting to find their way onto wemightbekin. It’s just a matter of discipline really. Hang with me please.

Also, I was contacted this weekend by a Mr. David Connelly with some wonderful information on the family of William Thomas and Nora Ann Stephenson Avery. He has his family tree hosted on Hopefully he will see this here and invite you all to come see it.

My work on Four Oaks Town Cemetery is still continuing. I want to finish fleshing it out like Rehobeth but, since it is sooooooooo large, it is taking quite a while to accomplish. Again, bear with me please.

I’ll be heading to Carolina this weekend for the Byrd Family Reunion. It will be a real quick trip but I’ll get to spend some time with the Great Prophetress Helen (a.k.a. Aunt Joyce) so that’s always a good thing.

Have a great day and I hope you all find lots of reasons to smile.

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