Hey Ya’ll,

I’ve been in hiding. I thought I might have to join the Victim Witness Protection Program after my little “Skinny Legs” prank but it just might be safe to step out into the light after all. :D

Pops met with the surgeon on Friday and he said that the gall bladder is an absolute mess and is now a priority over the femoral hernia. Yipee yahoo. So why not surgery? Well, it seems that Pops also has an enlarged Prostate which was discovered when they did the Cat Scan that diagnosed the femoral hernia. They don’t feel it would be wise to do the surgery to remove the gall bladder and repair the hernia before he sees the specialist concerning the Prostate in case that needs surgery as well. Better to do everything at once if at all possible. The problem? Can’t see the specialist before July 19th. Yep, I know. Not a good thing.

Georgia on My Mind put it best when she said Pops is just like a retread…he blew all at once! He can’t ever do anything the simple way.

Anywho, Saturday morning began with a phone call from Pops letting me know that his bag was packed and he was on his way to Sentara Leigh’s ER with more gall bladder attacks. Oh joy. Knowing that if he waited until he was bad enough to need an ambulance, he would be taken to Chesapeake General Apathy Hospital, he opted to go ahead and have Mama drive him to Leigh while he sat in the passenger seat with a bucket between his legs. Good move there. He gets a sticky star for courage.

After checking him over and learning that he had dined on a dinner of fried flounder the night before, the docs sent him home with the admonition to stay completely away from fried or fatty foods and ice cream at all costs. That hurt his feelings since he loves to have ice cream just about every night for dessert. Poor little feller. He rested the remainder of the day and evening and felt well enough to go to church Sunday.

This morning he was able to convince the folks at the specialist’s office that waiting until the 19th was not a good idea and they moved his appointment up to tomorrow at 2:30. I have to believe there was a little bit of Divine Intervention there. Thank you Jesus. We’ll take all we can get. Please continue to keep him and us in your prayers.

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