Good Morning

It’s been a hectic day already! Whew! I just got into the office. I had to go by the firing range at the Academy first thing and qualify for the first half of the year. I figured to get it out of the way before the heat got too bad today. It was still hot but not as bad as it will be by this afternoon I’m sure.

Posted 17 new Death Certificates this morning. Check them out under “New Stuff”. Maybe you’ll find something you can use. I have almost 20 pages of obituaries aleady but I’m not ready to post them yet. I’m also still working on the cemetery photos of St. Mary’s Grove and I started a new project involving Military Records from WWII…You guys are gonna love this one…Trust me.

Remember when I mentioned a possible great genealogical discovery in my Holmes line the other day. Yeah well, let me just say this about that. Never, NEVER, never attempt to make great genealogical discoveries when you are under the influence of mind numbing allergy drugs. Yep, not such a good idea. Things end up not at all being what they seem to be. Nope, not at all. False alarm. Pardon me, please.

By the way…Hiya Juli! Thanks for stopping in. Sit a spell and visit!

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