Hi Ya’

Wow, has my world been a busy place lately! Inspector Gadget has been in training all week and the requests coming through the office door have seemed to be non-stop. I’ve been so bushed by the time I get home every night that I just collapse on the couch, watch my soapies, play Jeopardy on the phone with Mama, and go to bed. I’m over it I tell you. I want my “cushy, do nothing but play all day” job back.

Pops is hanging in there. The Prostate Specialist Dude said he thinks the Prostate being enlarged is simply due to age. I must admit that I enjoyed hearing that. “Due to age.” Yep. Liked it. They still sent blood work just to be on the safe side. The results should be back by Monday. Pops should meet with the Surgeon on Tuesday and they will hopefully set a date for surgery then. I’ll keep you posted.

I had a grit fit this morning so we ordered in breakfast. I am now culinarily satisfied. I’m not sure that is even a word but it should be so I declare that it now is. Say it with me now…”culinarily”. Very good. Sort of just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

Have a wonderful day. I’m going to try to hide from all things work related. See ya’.

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